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Women's Wellies

Don't let the rain spoil your outdoor plans. Tommy Hilfiger women's wellies are designed to keep your feet dry in any weather. These fashionable ankle wellies come with elasticated side panels and pull-on loops for optimal ease of wear. Enjoy the thermoplastic rubber cleated outsoles that ensure your feet stay dry all day, no matter how many puddles you encounter. Pair your new Wellington boots with jeans, a jumper, and a trench coat for a brisk walk in the forest or wear them with a dungaree dress and shirt for a classic gardening look. Add comfortable socks for maximum coziness. Tommy Hilfiger women's wellies – look better, no matter the weather.

What are Wellington boots?

Wellington boots, commonly known as wellies, are waterproof boots typically made from rubber or PVC, designed to keep feet dry in wet or muddy conditions. They’re often used for outdoor activities such as gardening, farming, and walking in the rain.

Where can I buy Tommy Hilfiger wellies?

You can buy Tommy Hilfiger wellies at the official Tommy Hilfiger website, as well as in our retail stores, major department stores, and online marketplaces.